What to Do in Saronde

White beach islands with breathtaking snorkeling sites, good fishing spots, and definitely one of the best vacation trip for your family.

Here you can spend the time snorkeling, fishing, playing around at the beach, or just simply enjoy yourself and your family in this tropical paradise.

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Photo Gallery

The beauty of Saronde Island, Bugisa Island, Mohinggito Island, the Pier, Katamaran, Lampu Island, white sand and the clear water, as well as the tranquility of both the sunrise and sunset can be seen in the following picture gallery :

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How To Get There

From Gorontalo airport, take taxi/rent a car to Kwandang City – Kwandang Harbour (30 minutes). There will be a lot of small or big boat provided by Gorontalo Alam Bahari (GAB) go to Saronde Island.

It takes another 30 minutes until you arrived in Saronde Island. Please enjoy.

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